Thomas Paine on Trouble

I retweeted this comment on twitter earlier from @mimimayesTN: I’m so glad my mother and WWII vet father passed away before this country started to come apart – they would be horrified.

That sparked a little exchange from a few followers who echoed that sentiment as there parents were from that generation as well.

This in turn reminded me of these famous words of freedom:

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” ~ Thomas Payne


One thought on “Thomas Paine on Trouble

  1. Liberty and Freedom
    Here I give you a KISS, keep it simply simple.
    To begin with Liberty, is what all is born (created) with.
    In order to use what you are born with (liberty) you need to take care of yourself first, then, you are (liberty and freedom) able to offer what you have with an open (freedom) acceptance.
    This is the first question of three you ask your self.
    What is: My fair share? (Take care)
    What is: Your fair share (offer what able to)
    What is: our fair share (how it is accepted with all the other ways to accept open?)
    This is done within the good, interaction with world, to make life, which creates the basic law of good, do no harm or steal.
    Try it openly you will be surprise of the results.
    Liberty is what you are born with
    Freedom is an invite, acceptance
    What is my fair share is what you have gotten from the debate of what is your fair share that creates what is our fair share to the good.

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